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Winnie the pooh, the adorable honey loving  chubby bear was introduced to us by Minle. He wrote, many remarkable poems  and stories still today Winnie the pooh still remains his best work. For those people familiar with the  beautiful  way of writing of Alan Alexander Milne, these  selected extracts from his Winnie the Pooh works  gives you a quick good  impression.

Pooh Goes Visiting

Pooh constantly preferred a bit of something at eleven o'clock in the morning, and he was extremely happy to see Rabbit getting out the plates and mugs. Having a bite of something at Rabbit's is exceptionally decent in reality, yet pressing vacate the front entryway again is very an alternate matter. At the point when Pooh ends up a Wedged Bear, there's nothing to do yet hold up until he gets thin once more. Gracious Bother!

Tigger Comes to the Forest:
Pooh was simply going to say "Hallo!" for the fourth time when he imagined that he wouldn't, so he said, 'Who is it. "Me," said a voice. "Gracious!" said Pooh. 'Actually, come here.' So Whatever-it-was came here, and in the light of the candle he and Pooh took a gander at one another. 'I'm Pooh,' said Pooh. 'I'm Tigger,' said Tigger. Also that is the start of some extremely bouncy stories.

Tiggers Don't Climb Trees:
'Would they be able to climb trees better then Pooh?' asked Roo, halting under the tallest Pine Tree, and turning toward it. 'Climbing trees is their specialty the best,' said Tigger. 'Much better then Pooh.' 'Might they be able to climb this one?' 'They're generally climb trees like that,' said Tigger. Also for sure, climbing trees is the thing that Tiggers do best....but descending is truly an alternate matter!

Short Stories from Pooh Fans:
Simply Pooh ran an energizing story and fan-fiction rivalry in ahead of schedule 2008. To enter, fans required to compose a short Pooh story, lyric or formula. We got numerous eminent entrances and you can delight in these stories and ballads on this page.

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